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johnwayne2: Whats up with Gab Sept 17, 2019 17:44:08 GMT
NWrain: John, I've noticed gab server goes down occasionally. It seems to come back up after an hour or so. Sept 18, 2019 17:32:06 GMT
Debdeberoo: Remnant - have you seen these? - - Sept 23, 2019 21:24:52 GMT
The Remnant: That's interesting - who is this Philip guy? Arbitration ftw! Sept 24, 2019 23:29:56 GMT
Debdeberoo: Here’s a video of Philip Hudok - Phil Hudok Rule of Law Battle 7 24 15 Sept 26, 2019 2:53:47 GMT
Debdeberoo: Phil Hudok Rule of Law Battle 7 24 15 Sept 26, 2019 2:53:57 GMT
Debdeberoo: So sorry - here. Sept 26, 2019 2:54:39 GMT
The Remnant: Thanks for that info Deb! It looks like the Jesuits still have a lot more control than we had thought. Hidden hand indeed. The military intel arm of the Vatican is alive, well and up to the same sneaky tricks. Sept 27, 2019 18:39:57 GMT
The Remnant: Then there's these Black Nobility guys. Are they part of the Jesuit network? Sept 27, 2019 21:29:06 GMT
A Nose for News (YouTube): Thanks again for your wonderful news resource - My weekly news show is coming up, and other news outlets are acting like the rest of the world just fell off a cliff. No way was I going to record a show that's 50% the same story. Oct 8, 2019 5:57:18 GMT
NWrain: Thanks Nose for News! Grab whatever you like for your show! Oct 8, 2019 19:12:40 GMT
The Remnant: If anyone is on Telegram, search Hong Kong news for english news updates from the ground in HK. Too much twist or outright silence in the MSM about this Oct 8, 2019 20:45:44 GMT
The Remnant: Chicom government is trying to downplay it and pretend like it's 'Western subversion', but consider the source and the possibility that HK people actually do want freedom. Also I think their adoption of Pepe the frog is just awesome :) Oct 8, 2019 20:47:15 GMT
The Remnant: Nose for News, feel free to post a link to your show in here or in one of the forum threads - we will help get the word out! Oct 8, 2019 20:48:39 GMT
A Nose for News Channel: Thank you, Remnant! This week's "Just the Headlines" You're linked in the description, and you'll hear quite a few of your headlines in this report :) Oct 9, 2019 9:35:01 GMT
The Remnant: That's great, thank you Nose for News! Subscribed and will share on Twitter as well. Oct 9, 2019 19:17:11 GMT
NWrain: Thank you Nose for News! Oct 10, 2019 15:52:55 GMT
Nose for News: Hi! Back for more headlines. Drudge is looking more & more like the tabloids we used to snicker at, while waiting for Grandma to get done at the hair salon. Seriously! It's all Whistleblowers, LeBron James, UFOs, & deformed people. Aaaaghh!!! Oct 15, 2019 18:45:25 GMT
The Remnant: lol...I believe Drudge has gone over to the dark side, unfortunately Oct 15, 2019 23:21:03 GMT
Nose for News: Hi, here's the link for this weeks JUST the HEADLINES audio news brief. Thanks for the great collection of headlines. Oct 16, 2019 7:54:59 GMT
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